The AMIA Advocacy Committee encourages AMIA members to bring advocacy issues forward to the Committee. Please refer to AMIA's Advocacy Policy for advocacy guidelines, whether at the local, state, federal or international levels and the procedures for determining how, when, and to what extent AMIA should become so involved.

As you answer the questions below, please provide as much detail as possible in order for the Committee and the AMIA Board to be able to make the best decision on this issue on behalf of AMIA.

For urgent matters, please contact AMIA President, Rachael Stoeltje, at

Our thanks in advance for your contribution!

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* Statement of Facts: What  is the issue? Have other allied organizations or professions taken action on the issue? What actions did they take?

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* Why is this issue important to the AV preservation community? What would be the pros and cons of AMIA taking action on this issue? How does it align with AMIA's mission and policy guidelines?

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* What recommendations do you have for actions AMIA should take on this issue

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Members may choose to include their name or submit their issues/concerns anonymously.

Please note that if you include your name and contact information, you authorize the Advocacy Committee to follow up with you directly to discuss your concern further.

If you submit anonymously, the Advocacy Committee will not follow up with you but may share your concerns with the Board.

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