Temporary Foreign Worker Employer Survey

The English Language and Multicultural Services (ELMS) program at Smithers Community Services is aware of the growing population of temporary foreign workers in Smithers. We are therefore seeking employer input to help us understand how we might best support employers and temporary foreign workers in the community. All replies are voluntary, optional, and confidential.

If you are you interested in knowing more about the services we can offer newcomers to Canada through the English Language & Multicultural Services program, please contact Petra Kost, Program Manager, at 250-847-9515, or by email at: Petra.Kost@scsa.ca 
1.What is the name of your business? (optional)
2.How many employees on a temporary foreign worker visa does your business currently employ?
3.How did you connect with these employees? An agency, a recruiter, an online job search website, etc.?
4.Has your business completed a Labour Market Impact Assessment?
5.What country(ies) has your foreign worker(s) come from?
6.What, in your opinion, are the greatest needs of these employees upon their arrival in Smithers?
7.What, in your opinion, are their greatest needs after the initial settling-in period (3+ months after starting work)?
8.Do you know if the foreign workers you’ve employed intend to stay in Canada and apply for Permanent Residence once eligible? If so, do you plan to help with this process?
9.Please tell us about areas of concern or opportunities for support that you think would be helpful for temporary foreign workers in general.
10.If you would like a personal follow-up by a member of the English Language and Multicultural Services (ELMS) team to learn more about the services we offer, please leave your name, contact information, and business name here.
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