1. Copy of page: NEIUAA Benefits & Programs Survey

As an upgraded member of the Northeastern Illinois University Alumni Association, we want to ensure that we offer benefits and programs that are of interest and importance to you.

We appreciate you taking a few moments to share your input, which will help the NEIUAA successfully grow our alumni program.

* 1. The demographic information is not required, but it is important for us to be up-to-date on your information so that we can better communicate with you.

* 2. The following are services and benefits we have or are considering offering to upgraded members. Please rate each option according to your level of interest.

*Indicates benefits/programs we do not have, but will consider.

  Very Interested Interested Somewhat Interested Not Interested
Discounted Travel (hotel/car rental)
Insurance: Medical, Home, Auto*
Alumni Career Services
Alumni Travel*
Regional Alumni Events*
Educational/Professional Development*
Alumni Lifetime E-mail*
Online Social Communities
Social/Networking Events*

* 3. As a member of the NEIUAA, how would you like to get involved with NEIU?

* 4. How do you best prefer receiving communication? (answer more than one if needed)

* 5. How frequently are you interested in receiving communication from the NEIUAA?

* 6. As an alum, would you be most likely to participate in alumni events that were organized to bring together others by:

* 7. Northeastern Illinois University would like to highlight legacy families. Did your parents, siblings or other relatives attend NEIU?

* 8. What is your present attitude towards Northeastern Illinois University?

* 9. What is the single most important experience you had at NEIU?