1. Introduction

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The NASUWT Wellbeing at Work Survey is intended to allow you to explore some of the issues that impinge upon your working life.
The survey contains sets of statements that seek to investigate issues relating to:
• the demands of your work;
• the amount of control you have over your work;
• the amount of support you receive at work;
• the working relationships you have with colleagues;
• your experience of pupil behaviour;
• your role at work;
• your involvement in workplace changes;
• the pressures and stresses associated with your work.
It is not necessary for you to answer questions in sections that are of no interest to you.
The results of the survey will be kept confidential unless you ask the Union to support you in subsequent casework at which point the Union and its caseworkers reserve the right to access the information provided. Continuing with the survey will be taken to signify your agreement to this.

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