Criteria and Benefits

The New Mexico Health Equity Partnership (NMHEP) is excited to invite individuals and organizations to become network members that the meet the following criteria:

1.     Agreement with the NMHEP’s mission and vision.

Mission: The purpose of the NMHEP is to strengthen the capacity of NM communities to shift power relations through advocating for systems and policy change that will improve the conditions where children, families, and communities are healthy. This requires addressing structural and institutionalized inequities based on race, class, gender and geography.

Vision: Our vision is healthy children, families and communities.  

2. Commitment to partnership within and between organizations and community to advance health equity in New Mexico.  


Opportunity to be part  of a larger movement in New Mexico supporting each other to advance health equity

Opportunity to attend the Statewide Health Equity Gathering and connect your local health equity efforts to the development of a Health in All Policies Framework and statewide policy agenda

Opportunity to participate in the NMHEP’s peer to peer learning community

Opportunity to learn about the NMHEP’s events and efforts via our newsletter

If you would like to sign up to be a NMHEP network member, please hit next to complete the brief questionnaire on the following page.