* 1. School

* 2. Grade

* 3. Please rate the following from 1 to 5 (1 being low and 5 being high)

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Your students reaction to the overall concert experience
Your reaction to the overall concert experience
Your students reaction to the music performed

* 4. Comments or concerns about the concert experience:

* 5. Comments about the music selection:

* 6. Suggestions you may have for future concerts:

* 7. Preparation and follow-up: (please mark all that apply)

* 8. Please mark the applicable box:

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The concert preparation by our school's music teacher was valuable.
The Teacher Resource Guide provides sufficient information.
The Symphony's listening activities were easy to use.
The concert gave students an opportunity to learn about the families, instruments and sounds of the orchestra.
The concert theme offered an opportunity to connect music with other areas of curriculum.

* 9. What other web resources would be helpful in preparing your students?

* 10. Was music a part of your own education experience?  If yes, how?

* 11. Have you attended any Long Beach Symphony concerts other than this one?

* 12. If you answered "yes" to question 11, what concerts have you attended?

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