Town of Newfane Recycling Survey

This is a survey for Newfane residents/taxpayers to give feedback to the Selectboard on preferences for dealing with recycling and/or waste disposal.  

Windham Solid Waste Management District's recycling bins were removed July 1, 2017 from all District towns.  The town is considering five options for dealing with recycling and/or waste.  They are:

Option 1: Leaving things as they are currently.

Solution A): Residents can utilize a private hauler individually to pick up trash and recycle. 
(Cost: $35.00 - $50.00 per month, depending on  the company and frequency and volume.)

Solution B): Take their garbage to Windham Solid Waste Management in Brattleboro. 
(Cost: $35.00/year access fee plus $3.00/bag, $1.00 transaction fee per visit, except for recycling. (Customers no longer need to wait in line for recycling.)

Option 2: Town Supplied Recycle Bins

Fencing for the area would be a one-time town cost of $25,000
(Approx. $20 on the tax bill of a property valued at $200,000.)

Depending on the hours of operation, town costs would be between $15,000 - $25,000/year. 
(Approx. $15.00 - $20.00/year on the tax bill of a property valued at $200,000.)

This solution covers recycling only.  Trash removal would remain the responsibility of the homeowner.

Option 3: Create a Municipal Transfer Station
Set up Costs:      Land: $100,000 (app.)
                              Equip.: $100,000 (app.)
                              Fencing: $25,000 (app.)
Total:                $225,000
(Approx. $180.00/yr.  on the tax bill of a property valued at $200,000)

Yearly Operations:
Depending on services offered and hours of operation, yearly cost would be approx. $100,000/year.
(Approx. $85.00/year on the tax bill of a property valued of $200,000.)
Option 4: Town to provide Curbside Pick-up of Trash/Recycle

Based on the Town of Westminster's costs of $200,000/year. Assuming Newfane's costs would be similar, the cost of $200,000.
(Approx. $170.00/year on the tax bill of a property valued at $200,000.)  

Westminster's system includes 52 bags per year. Additional bags and loose items are at a cost above and beyond what's included in the taxes.
Option 5: A private entity creates a transfer station in Newfane

No cost to taxpayers for set up costs or additional taxes for operations, but would most likely come with access fee/bag fee similar to Windham Solid Waste.

* 1. Out of the five options, which one are you in favor of?

* 2. For what reasons would you choose this option?

* 3. What is your current method of dealing with trash/recycling?

* 4. Is it working for you? Are you happy with this method?

* 5. Please feel free to share any other information you feel is important for the Selectboard to consider.