Your opinion is important to us !

50% of survey complete.

This survey is to obtain information in order to improve the content of the Académie du Trésor courses on personal finances.

* 1. Training valuation

  Excellent Very good Good Needs improvement
Materials used
Weekly course length
Clarity of course content
Presence of guests in some courses
Explanation of the Académie du Trésor program
Informative content in the Académie du Trésor website

* 2. Various questions

  Totally agree Somewhat agree Somewhat disagree Totally disagree
I think it is important for my child to follow a fnancial education training.
My child was looking forward to attend the Académie du Trésor course every week.
I would have enrolled my child to the training even if there were not tokens at the end.
I would like my child to continue his or her training in another Académie du Trésor course (higher academie level).
I would recommend the Académie du Trésor training to other people.

* 3. The registration process through the Académie du Trésor website is simple and efficient.

* 4. Receiving a token at the end of the training is an incentive to attend class.

* 5. The Académie du Trésor training has helped to promote the personal finances subject at home, because my child openly discussed with me the subjects he had learned.

* 6. How often do you think you will visit the Académie du Trésor website after your child's training ?

* 7. The training answered my child's financial education needs.

* 8. In your opinion, what subjects could be added to the training your child just received ?


* 10. What school does your child go to ?