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Consent to Participate in the Research Study

Study Title: GRIT Scores and Variations to Perseverance

Experimenters: Dr. Melissa Lea and Kelley Gunn

Email Dr. Melissa Lea at and Kelley Gunn at if you have any questions or concerns

This study has been approved by the Millsaps College Human Subject Review Board

Written Consent Form

For this study, the participants will take part in three separate surveys. The first survey is a demographic portion (e.g age) will be asked. The second portion of the study consists of a survey that asks about your perceptions, and the third will be ask you about your academic and athletic habits (e.g. year in college, sport played). This study has been approved by the Millsaps College Institutional Review Board.

There are no relevant risks from participating in the study. All risks are considered extremely minimal to none. All personal information is kept confidential. The benefits for the study include perceiving your own personal levels of GRIT during the study. 

I, confirm that the researcher has explained the needs of the participants in this study in order to complete the individual portion.

I, the subject, understand the researchers are not looking at an individual datum, but rather a collection of many data to draw inferences.

I, the subject, understand that the participation in the study in voluntary and all questions do not have to be answered. The intent behind the research has been explained as well as the pros and cons. The procedures to perform the experiment have been outlined and highlighted.

Confidentiality has been explained to the participant.

Supervising Researcher: Dr. Melissa Lea - email: or 601-974-1755
Institutional Review Board Information: Contact Dr. Kathryn Hahn at or 601-974-1381

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