Public VR Lab: Feedback & Ideas

Please take this brief survey to help us improve The Public VR Lab.

* 1. What best describes your familiarity with The Public VR Lab?

* 2. Please take a moment to review the following description of the Public VR Lab:

The Public VR Lab was founded in May 2016 to facilitate dialogue and innovative projects around immersive technologies in the public interest; to support the creation community content, provide education, digital inclusion and public access to VR/AR/360 tools, coding, filming, and headsets, and to serve as an incubator for collaborative and hyperlocal XR experiences.

After reading this description, how interested, if at all, are you in joining the Public VR Lab?

* 3. For what reasons do you feel that way about joining the Public VR Lab?

* 4. If you haven’t yet considered becoming a member of the Public VR Lab, what would make you become a member? Please select all that apply.

* 5. We’re currently working on further developing the Public VR Lab. What offerings, classes, equipment, events, programs or services would make you want to come into the Lab? Please share everything that comes to mind!

* 6. Which classes in programming or media would you be interested in taking at the Public VR Lab?

* 7. What topics would attract you most to attend monthly events at the Lab: (please select your top three choices)

* 8. How likely would you be to become a member if the Public VR Lab offered the following:

  Very likely Somewhat likely Neither likely nor unlikely Somewhat unlikely Not at all likely
Structure and training for collaborative teams/projects
A customized server for hosting VR/AR content
Higher quality camera equipment to rent

* 9. What equipment would you like to see us have at the Lab?

* 10. We know some members have expressed interested in our staff’s assistance on certain media projects and for commercial or non-profit productions. Please indicate your level of interest in each of the following offerings:

  Very interested Somewhat interested Neither interested nor uninterested Somewhat uninterested Not at all interested
Renting equipment for commercial productions
Hiring our staff for commercial productions
Checking out Lab equipment as a member on non-commercial productions
Checking out Lab equipment, studios and editing suites on non-commercial productions
Training your staff or crew at the Lab

* 11. What other offerings would you like to see us have at the Lab?

* 12. Thank you for completing this survey! Please share your name and email with us so we can contact you if you win our prize.

* 13. Thank you for your feedback! Do you have anything else to add before you go?