Do you like speaking up about issues that are important to you? Are you passionate about making Western Australia a better place for LGBTIQA+ young people from all backgrounds? Are you aged 12-25 and identify as LGBTIQA+? 

We’re looking for a great group of LGBTIQA+ young people to make WA a better place to be out and proud.

The group will focus on systemic advocacy. This means tackling issues like homelessness, mental health, unfair laws, safety in schools and discrimination within the community as well as a huge range of others. It's an opportunity to get involved in really hands-on advocacy projects that will help make the lives of young people better.

We’re looking for people with all sorts of skills and talents; if you're great at project management, art, organising, communicating or anything else we want to hear from you. 

Reason for Survey

This is where we can get some information about who you are and also what you think should be the top priorities for the group. We will use this information to make sure that the group is doing what you think it should be.

How this will be used

This data is strictly confidential and will only be seen by YPN organisers. We will use this to create a database of YPN members that will be stored and will be confidential. Your safety is our number one priority.

Under 18s

If you apply and are under 18 we will need to get your parent or guardian to sign a permission form. If you are unable to get a consent form or this will put you in an unsafe position we will deal with this on a case by case basis. Please still apply and we will figure something out!

We will contact you before we do anything and we will not disclose anything to your guardian that you do not want us to disclose.

Any questions:

We are not currently seeking committee members however are always accepting general members.

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