MTC Public Participation Plan Survey

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) plans and finances transportation programs and projects of the nine county San Francisco Bay Area. MTC values ​​your opinion - residents who use the transportation network. We appreciate your taking time to complete this short survey.

Thank you!

* 1. How would you like to receive information on MTC’s activities/programs? (please check your top three choices in the boxes below)

* 2. What methods would you most likely use to express your views to MTC? (please check your top three choices in the boxes below)

* 3. Would you be interested in participating in online conversations via blogs, Facebook or other social media platforms?

* 4. Would you participate in alternate meeting types (e.g., booths at farmer’s markets, “pop-up” meetings at malls, etc.)?

* 5. Any other ideas for public engagement?

* 6. Please identify yourself: