Thank you for attending the 2014 National Leadership and Skills Conference (including the SkillsUSA Championships) in June. We would like your feedback concerning the quality of your experience in Kansas City.

* 1. Please rate each of the following categories on the following scale:

0 = Totally dissatisfied
1 = 20% satisfied with experience
2 = 40% satisfied
3 = 60% satisfied
4 = 80% satisfied
5 = 100% satisfied
NA = Not applicable or did not attend

  Totally dissatisfied 20% satisfied with experience 40% satisfied 60% satisfied 80% satisfied 100% satisfied N/A or did not attend
100% Advisor Reception
Activate, Leverage & Engage
Alumni assistance
Alumni experience
Awards Ceremony
Awards & Recognition booklet
Call to Action session (Advisors only)
Championships contests
Community Service projects (sponsored by GOJO)
Conference program booklet
Contest orientation & debriefing
Contest locations
Courtesy Corps assistance/service
Courtesy Corps experience (Courtesy Corps only)
Convention center directional signs
Delegate sessions
Industry giveaways
Industry prizes
Lowe’s Giveaways
National staff assistance
Opening Ceremony
Transportation provided by SkillsUSA
National officer campaigning/elections
Registration check-in
SkillsUSA Amazing Race
SkillsUSA Night: Experience at Worlds of Fun
Tag Tuesday
TECHSPO/Career Fair (exhibitors)
TECHSPO/Career Fair (employment opportunities)
TECHSPO/Career Fair (product information)