1. Beautisol Website Survey

We are so excited about our new website and would love to hear what you think! Please take a few minutes to fill out this short survey and share your ideas. Your valuable input will help us improve our website and provide the information you want and need. Thank you!

* 1. To what extent do you agree with the following statements about your overall experience with Beautisol's Website?

  Extremely Satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Extremely Dissatisfied Neutral
I thought the website was easy to use
The website has a very attractive presentation
The website is interesting and engaging
The content on the website is written in clear and simple language
The content is of high quality

* 2. To what extent do you agree with the following statements about your navigation experience with Beautisol's website?

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Neutral
I could easily find what I was looking for
I found the website too complex to navigate
I could browse through the website quickly

* 3. Are you a member of ClubSol? (Beautisol's membership program that includes generous savings on all products, free shipping, and automatic shipment control by you.)

* 4. Did you find our ClubSol Program easy to use?

* 5. How would you prefer to receive updates from Beautisol? (You may select more than one option)

* 6. We are all ears - Anything else you would like to see on our website?