Ranking your firm against the following benchmarks will help you learn to what degree your new business approach attracts versus repels prospects.

* 1. There is relevant purpose driving your prospect outreach rather than “dialing and smiling” to one after another.

* 2. That purpose is grounded to each prospect in some way (a problem or opportunity, relevant knowledge or insights, etc.).

* 3. Your purpose is supported by something substantive that your prospect will find meaningful (relevant experience, accomplishments, etc.).

* 4. Your message is communicated in a clear and concise way.

* 5. When you look at your marketing content, style does not get in the way of substance (your message).

* 6. Your thought leadership content is connected to your prospect’s business issues.

* 7. Your thought leadership content contains a clear point(s) of view that’s supported by convincing evidence.

* 8. Your thought leadership content is “packaged” as educational rather than promotional material.

* 9. Your content is well written (thoughts well organized, etc).

* 10. Your content is formatted in a way that makes it easy to consume (short text blocks, good use of bullets and white space, etc.).

* 11. Share your contact information and I will send you the report.