* 1. What Semester are you currently enrolled in?

* 2. Do you prefer a larger screens vs lighter laptop weight?

* 3. How would you rate your current university laptop? 1-10

* 4. What program do utilize the most on the university laptops?

* 5. What functions/ features don’t you like about the laptops?

* 6. Do you prefer a touch screen or non touch screen?

* 7. Do you prefer a laptop with a camera, note pad and stencil, cd rom or more portability?

* 8. How is your current laptop battery life?

* 9. Would you like a laptop that has an extended battery life? (keep in mind the weight)

* 10. Do you prefer a laptop with a CD rom or without?

* 11. Any other Comments, issues, Questions?

* 12. Which Laptop Computer do you like best?

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