Dear Participant, 

Technical Education Quality Improvement Program Phase-III (TEQIP-III) is a prestigious Project of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, in collaboration with the World Bank. The project is basically aimed at improving the quality of technical education in the country. The improvement is not a destination but a journey - a continuous process. In order to measure the impact of the project, it is necessary to measure the deliverables. Besides quantitative targets, the qualitative deliverables are also equally important in the impact assessment. The major stake holders need to be consulted for assessment of qualitative deliverables for which, MHRD, in consultation with the experts have designed individual instrument (questionnaire) to collect feedback of stake holders like students, faculty, support staff, employer industry etc.


Based on the instrument designed Student satisfaction survey 2020 is being conducted online across the country at all engineering institutions selected under TEQIP-III. The outcome of the survey is going to be used for further policy decisions in the project. Moreover, the survey gives a chance to register your feedback based on your experience. Hence, your feedback is extremely useful for the process of project evaluation and then taking corrective actions.


The overall survey results will be made public and available on the Institution and NPIU website. Hence, be sure that you register our honest and accurate opinion about the system, processes and an individual. This survey is completely confidential as your individual answers are neither displayed nor are made available to anyone. Your personal details are being collected only to verify your identity and avoid duplicate responses.
I assure you that your response will be treated strictly confidential and will be used only for statistical purposes. 

May I, therefore, invite you to respond to this questionnaire enthusiastically and submit it on-line at your earliest.

With best wishes for bright & prosperous future for Technical Education in India.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. (Dr) Prakash Khodke 
Central Project Advisor, NPIU, New Delhi