Classification Review Requests - Collective Bargaining Agreement Articles 9.26, 17.9

This survey is intended for your CSUEU representatives to determine if the campus is in compliance with contract articles pertaining to the Classification Review Request process. Information you provide will remain anonymous, however, statistics may be used in our need to enforce any contractual violations we encounter.

* 1. Have you evaluated the Classification Standards for your position? (

* 2. After review of your positions Classification Standards, do you agree that you are classified appropriately?

* 3. Have you reqiested a Classification Review within the past 12 months?

* 4. If you have requested a Classification Review, was your supervisor in support of the request and did they assist you in preparing the documents required?

* 5. Did you receive a confirmation e-mail from Human Resources within 30 days of submission of your documents acknowledging that they had received the packet?

* 6. Did you receive a written response to your requested Classification Review within 180 days of receipt of your documents by Human Resources?

* 7. If you have received a determination on your requested Classification Review, were you re-classified?

* 8. If you were re-classified, do you agree that your job meets the Classification Standards of the new classification you were given?

* 9. Please identify any other concerns relating to the Classification Review Process that we have not addressed here: