My name is Francois Viljoen. I am an MBA-student at Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa.

The aim of this survey is to understand why members at this club play golf.

Outcome of the survey
I aim to submit:
* a research script to the University that will enable me to complete my MBA-degree.
* a qualitative analysis of all responses will be published in a scientific journal.

Privacy parameters
* No identifiable personal information is collected.
* All responses will be treated as anonymous and used for research purposes only.
* All responses will be sent to the SurveyMonkey-account of my supervisor, Professor CH van Heerden, without capturing anyone’s IP-address or personal details.
* Details concerning his SurveyMonkey account will not be shared with any individual, entity or corporation.
* The researcher and his supervisor will maintain the confidentiality of the research records or data.

Please be aware that you may stop participating at any time and you may decide not to answer any specific question. 

Please type your answers in the text blocks.

Question Title

* 1. Why do you play golf at Mbombela Golf Club?

Question Title

* 2. How many rounds of golf do you play per year?

25 and more per year
7-24 per year
6 and less  per year

Question Title

* 3. Why/how did you start playing golf?

Question Title

* 4. What are the main benefits you achieve by playing golf?

Question Title

* 5. What motivates you to continue playing golf?

Question Title

* 6. If you were to encourage a friend to start playing golf, what would you tell him/her about golf?

Question Title

* 7. Please state your age, gender and handicap.

Thank you for participating.

The primary investigator, Mr F Viljoen, can be contacted during office hours at 072 224 2456. The study leader, Prof. C. H. van Heerden, can be contacted during office hours at 083 415 3541 or

Should you have any questions regarding the ethical aspects of the study, you can contact the chairperson of the TUT Research Ethics Committee, Dr H Mason, during office hours at Tel (012) 382-5073, E-mail Alternatively, you can report any serious unethical behaviour at the University’s Toll Free Hotline 0800 21 23 41.

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