The Marden-Barton Survey on Religious Belief and Extraterrestrial Life

Disclaimer: It will take 15-20 minutes to complete this 50 question survey. Some participants will stop after question #25. Others will complete all 50 questions. Your responses will be used for general analytical use only. Your specific responses will not be connected to you in any way whatsoever. In addition, you will not be added to any mailing lists as a result of taking this survey. Only numerical results and open-ended questions will be displayed when the survey results are published. Proceeding to the survey implies that you understand and agree to the provisions in this disclaimer. 
Please answer questions 1-25. If a question does not apply to you, select N/A. Answer questions 26-50 only if they apply to you. 
1.In what year were you born? (enter 4-digit birth year; for example, 1976)(Required.)
2.Highest level of education attained?(Required.)
A. Religious Belief and Practice
3.Do you believe in a divine creator?(Required.)
4.If you believe in a divine creator, is this any of the following?(Required.)
5.What is your current religion, if any? (Select up to three.)(Required.)
6.How often do you attend religious or worship services, not including weddings and funerals?(Required.)
7.Is your religious institution any of the following?(Required.)
8.Do you believe that humans have a soul or consciousness that survives the death of the physical body?(Required.)
9.Do you believe in Heaven, Hell, or another spiritual destination that we go to when we die?(Required.)
B. Near-Death Experience 
10.Have you had a Near-Death experience?(Required.)
11.If you had a Near-Death experience, did it alter your ideas/beliefs?(Required.)
12.How did it change you? (Answer all that apply.) If you have not had a Near-Death experience, select N/A.(Required.)
13.Do you believe in reincarnation?(Required.)
C. Belief in Extraterrestrial Life
14.Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets in our universe?(Required.)
15.Do you believe that a divine power created life on other planets?(Required.)
16.Do you believe that planet Earth is being visited by intelligent life from elsewhere?(Required.)
17.Do you believe that intelligent life from elsewhere is any of the following?(Required.)
18.Has the US Government or its agencies carried out studies on UFOs?(Required.)
19.Do you believe that the US Government has covered up an extraterrestrial presence on our planet?(Required.)
20.Has your church discussed UFOs or extraterrestrials?(Required.)
21.Do you have memories of observing what you believe was an extraterrestrial craft while you were awake?(Required.)
22.If you answered "Yes" to Q21, was the craft any of the following? (If you have observed more than one UFO, what was the closest distance from you?)(Required.)
23.Do you have conscious memories of observing non-human entities on or near a craft?(Required.)
24.Have you observed any of the following with the naked eye? (Check all that apply or answer N/A.)(Required.)
25.If you observed any of the entities listed in Q24, did it/they transform (shapeshift) into something else?(Required.)
26.If you answered "Yes" to question 25, what did you see and what did it transform into?
*** Stop here if you have not observed, communicated with, or interacted with non-human intelligent entities. Scroll to the bottom and select “Done.” Thank you for participating in our survey!
D. Personal History of Communication and/or Interaction with Apparitions or Non-Human (ET) Intelligent Entities
27.Has a non-human entity communicated with you?
28.If you answered "Yes" to Q27, what were you doing when this occurred? (Check all that apply and /or fill in the blank.)
29.If you have communicated with a non-human or spiritual entity, what message or messages did you receive?
30.If you answered Q29, how was the message communicated to you? (Check all that apply.)
31.Does the word "zooafta" have special meaning for you?
32.If you answered "Yes" to Q31, what is the meaning?
33.Do you have memories of being on what you believe was an extraterrestrial craft?
34.Do you have memories of finding yourself in an unknown environment, such as in an underground location, under a body of water, in space, or on another planet or moon? (Check all that apply.)
35.Have you had a sleep encounter with non-human entities (ETs) that seems too real to have been a dream?
36.If you have interacted with non-human entities (ETs) were they?
37.Did this interaction with non-human entities (ETs) cause you to become any of the following?
38.Have non-humans (ETs) prayed with you?
39.Have other family members observed what they believe was an extraterrestrial craft when they were awake? (If there was more than one observation, check the closest option.)
40.Have other family members found themselves in an alien environment in the presence of non-humans (ETs)?
41.If you answered "Yes" to Q40, has this happened to more than one generation of family members? (Otherwise, check N/A
42.If you answered "Yes" to Q41, were they biological relatives?
43.In the past, has a non-human (ET) presence caused you to fear for your life?
44.Do you currently fear a non-human (ET) presence?
45.Have you been physically harmed or healed by a non-human (ET) presence?
46.Has your or a family member's interaction with a non-human (ET) presence caused conflict in your family?
47.If you could end your non-human (ET) contact experiences, would you?
48.If you have been taken by a non-human (ET) entity, was it any of the following? (Check all that apply.)
49.If you were taken by an ET intelligent entity, what happened?
50.If you would like to add information to expand the public's knowledge on what has happened to you, please add it here.
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