* 1. Under the current agreement, Telstra employees may have different working conditions depending on whether they are Workstream of Job Family employees.
How important to do you think it is to establish one set of conditions for all Telstra employees?

* 2. How important do you think it is to retain or improve the following conditions?

  Hours of work Redundancy entitlements Leave Dispute settlement Regulation of performance management Other (please specify).
Highly important
Quite important
Not very important

* 3. What are the top three issues in your workplace that you would like to see dealt with in the next agreement?

* 4. How important do you think the following factors should be in determining Telstra employees’ next wage rise?

  Rises in the cost of living Overall economic conditions Telstra’s corporate performance (market share, profitability etc) Individual performance Pay rises of Telstra executives.
Highly important
Quite important
Not important

* 5. Under Telstra’s Job Family system it is possible for some employees to get zero annual pay rise if they “underperform”. Do you think this is fair and reasonable?

* 6. Are you happy with the way your current total pay is structured i.e. the degree to which it is based on individual performance?

* 7. How confident are you that any performance-based component in your pay has been determined fairly?

* 8. Are there any further comments you would like to make about performance management and pay in Telstra?

* 9. Is the outsourcing and offshoring of jobs from Telstra affecting employment in your area?

* 10. How important is the issue of outsourcing and offshoring of Telstra jobs to you?

* 11. As part of preparations for a new Enterprise Agreement are you willing to:

  Help recruit new members in your area to help strengthen the union. Distribute CWU information in your workplace. Make regular contributions to a campaign fund. Be a workplace contact person for the CWU (if there is no delegate/contact person at present).

* 12. Your contact details (Optional)