Thank you for volunteering for our Grape Pest and Disease Survey!

Please fill out all the questions that apply to you. We will get in touch with you soon so that we can set out insect traps and take leaf samples. Phylloxera sampling will take place in August and September.
Here is the full list of pests and diseases we will be looking for:
Light brown apple moth, European grapevine moth, European grape berry moth, Summer fruit tortrix, Grape phylloxera, Australian grapevine yellows, Flavescence doree, Rotbrenner/Red fire disease, Pierce's disease

* 1. What do you grow?

* 2. How many acres of wine grapes?

* 3. How many acres of juice grapes?

* 4. How old is the oldest planted area of your vineyard?

* 5. What is the source of your nursery stock?

* 6. Which of the following may we do in your vineyard?

* 8. Are maps or GPS coordinates available for locations you would like surveyed?

* 9. Please provide the following so that WSDA may contact you:

* 10. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?