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Thanks for your help!

I'm very close to finishing my long-awaited Hyper Focused ADHD-Preneur Group Coaching Program.

I’ve literally been working on this since I started the weeniecast last year.

This program will entirely focus on helping you grow and scale your business using all your ADHD superpowers, and overcoming all frustrations and challenges along the way.

It includes  3 monthly group coaching calls, weekly accountability calls, and a built in community of fellow ADHD-Preneurs for support.

It’s going to be a complete brain dump of everything that I know about scaling your business with ADHD friendly strategies.

We’re going to cover how to manage your calendar, delegate effectively, stay on task, and overcoming the biggest ADHD challenges like Executive Disfunction, Time Blindness, and Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria. 

However, I need your help before I finalize everything.

I need to make sure I’ve considered everything. This is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super short survey. There are only two questions we need you to answer.

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* 1. What are your top two questions about running your business while dealing with your ADHD that you absolutely need to figure out, that we need to answer in this program?

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* 2. What are the 2 biggest challenges you have with your ADHD when it comes to managing and growing your business?

Thanks for your response.

That’s what we needed. If you want us to contact you as soon as Hyper Focused: The ADHD-Preneur Group Coaching Program is ready, just leave your name and email address below. We will not share your email address with anyone for any reason.

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* 3. contact information

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* 4. Okay, we got it. Thanks! If you left your information then we’ll be in touch.

That’s the end of the survey...

One more thing that’s purely optional, and isn’t part of the survey.

I've helped a lot of ADHD Business Owners grow their businesses, through the Weeniecast, my free Brave Biz Labs call on Fridays, pop-up workshops, working together 1-1, and through the old Build Your Own Business Program format. 

Perhaps you could help me out with a testimonial for the tips I've provided in one of these spaces?

It doesn’t have to be too involved. Here are a couple of examples: 

"You have taught me SO much about marketing and strategy! I feel confident in my ability to market my work on social media. You gave me specific steps to follow when conducting a sales call and a template to use for designing webinars."

"Katie taught me how to structure my program and fees and in less than three months, I had my first couple of clients in my new structure. Now, I’m just a couple of months away from making my business my sole source of income! It’s not just a dream I have of ‘maybe’ doing this in a year or so. It’s a reality that’s come to life in less than six months."

"I have learned so much working with Katie.  Her suggestions and support made me stretch my comfort zones and I learned a lot in doing so; about how to start and run a business, and about myself, my real goals and values."