1. Personal Financial Education in Your School

* Please identify your school administrative unit (SAD, School Union, CSD, Municipal School, EUT)

* Does your school currently teach Personal Financial Education?

* What grade level(s)is Personal Financial Education being taught?

* In what disciplines is Personal Financial Education being taught?

* What best describes your courses?

* Please estimate the percentage of student receiving Personal Financial Education in your School

* What describes your program best?

* If applicable, please identify any professionally/Publisher developed programs and materials that you use. Note, this information will go towards our web based Teacher Portal, sharing information amongst Maine Educators.

* What would make it easier for your school to reach more children in the area of Personal Financial Education?

* What areas of Personal Financial Education do you believe warrant further education?

  Critical Very Important Important Neutral Not Important
Understanding various loans and interest expense (ie credit cards, mortgages, student loans, car loans, payday loans)
Understanding your credit score and how it is used, your rights and identity theft prevention
Understanding personal debt, savings, and income and how they are linked
Understanding the need for health, property, life insurance as well as saving for retirement
The cost to manage your day to day financial needs, the increased cost of starting a family