Empowering Individuals to Manage Their Workspace

HCLabs is conducting research in partnership with the London School of Economics on the benefits of using human-centric managing methods to improve the way we work. Managing your workplace choices is one aspect of improving your most valuable work.

Please help us learn more about adaptable workplace solutions: COVID-19 has forced us to work remotely. Now is an excellent opportunity to improve where and how we work. Your candid responses are appreciated. We will make available to you a summary of the results.

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* 1. Your Contact Infomation

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* 5. Please address the following questions: To What Degree

  Very High High Moderate Low Very Low N/A
Are you worried about catching COVID-19 at work?
Are you able to adjust where at the office you work?
Would workplace flexibility (office/home) improve your work?
Would your work benefit from you owning workplace decisions?
Does reducing your weekly commute matter?
Does your team's performance depend on the workplace?
Does being seen in office impact your career?
Does your manager need to approve where you work?

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* 6. Considering your workplace challenges, to what degree are you able to:

  Very High High Moderate Low Very Low
Maintain COVID-19 Shelter Protocol at the office?
Maintain COVID-19 Shelter Protocol at home?
Determine the days each week to work at the office or home?
Determine when face to face communication matters?
Modify how and where you work?

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* 8. Would you be willing to participate in an adaptable workplace focus group study?