LookedUp.com Survey

Please let us know how we are doing. We are just getting started!
1.I found that LookedUp.com gave a useful summary to my questions.
2.I found the references and links that accompanied my search to be helpful.
3.How useful would LookedUp.com be to you in your current job role? 
4.How likely would you be to recommend LookedUp.com to a friend or colleague?
5.Based on the information presented to you, how likely would you be to purchase LookedUp.com?
6.In a typical month, how many hours do you spend researching Advisory Circulars?
7.Besides Advisory Circulars, is there another set of documents that you require to complete your job?
8.How satisfied are you with your current research process?
9.How would you rate the ease of your current research tools or software?
10.Thank you for your time and feedback!
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