Mount Carmel Missions Survey 2018

The Missions Deacons of Mount Carmel coordinate the mission activities of our church with different teams, groups, individuals & outside organizations.  Our goal is to provide opportunities that will speak or call to every church member. The mission activities where more help is needed in the 2018 church year are listed below.  

Please check any activities that interest you and someone will contact you to share details.  Completing this survey does not indicate a commitment on your part.  Once you have learned more about our service projects we invite you to pick and choose amongst them, dedicating as much time as you are comfortable with.

1. Contact Information

2. In Service of the Congregation (check all that apply):

3. 1–2 times / year (check all that apply):

4. Hobbies (check all that apply):

5. Other Outreach Missions (check all that apply):

6. A mission not listed here that interests me: