Your needs and interests in our High Performance Python book for O'Reilly

Ian and Micha are writing a High Performance Python book with O’Reilly ( We’re very keen to understand why you’d want to read this book. If you can tell us about your needs, interests and the domain in which you work we can try to focus our book towards helping you and your colleagues. Everything is optional, please don’t tell us anything that you wouldn’t want discussed in a chat in the pub, please do give us as much detail as you’d like to share. You probably came to this page via this blog post:

* 1. You’re interested in this book because you are:

* 2. What industry/field and city do you work in? (e.g. PhD astrophysics Berkeley, Weather modelling with the Met Office in UK, Hedge Fund Analyst in New York, "stop being so nosey!")

* 3. If you went to a big Python conference and a High Performance Computing tutorial was available, what’s the highest level of class you’d choose to attend?

* 4. If you could learn about the following topics in the next 6 months which would make your life significantly better?

* 5. In the next 6 months I need to learn about:

* 6. Which of the following programming environments do you commonly use for high performance computing problems?

* 7. When you have a high performance problem, do you mostly solve it using a:

* 8. Does the amount of data you’re dealing with typically fit onto a:

* 9. Which of the following technologies do you want to be using in the next 6 months?

* 10. What was the last High Performance Python problem that you solved (or failed to solve!)? This will help us understand what you're working on and where our audience is having trouble