We Want Your Thoughts

There has been a noticeable decline of teams Wednesday nights while Tuesday's and Thursday's are booming and active. Wednesday has a somewhat ugly and potentially skewed reputation. We want to address this and make Wednesday great again. We are aware not everyone was able to make it to our meeting at The Olde Stone for our discussions regarding the future of Wednesday ultimate. So we decided to make a survey, outlining the options that were put forth. Please offer your sage advice. The Board will convene in September to start deliberating on what that future will look like.

* 1. Should we keep things status quo:  Keep Wednesday as is?

Would mean minimal intervention.

If juniors continue to join the league we may find that we get our numbers up higher. Also, if the number of teams work out we could have two separate tiers (competitive / recreational).


* 2. Should we run a women's league and an open (essentially men's) league side by side. This would make the space available for men to play no longer dependant on there being enough women. It would also create a space for women's teams to play and to play against other women, which could foster a lot of new players and growth on the women's side of things.

It would be essentially a hat style league with an attempt to balance teams as much as possible (like in winter leagues).


* 3. Should we do a co-ed rebalancing (Hat League)?

a) This could be just like winter where you sign up as individuals or couples and get placed on teams.

b) It could also be that you can sign up as an individual or as a group of X number of people, so long as your group's average rating isn't too high (The number I have in mind is five, but it could be more or less). There could also be some kind of gender balance stipulation among these groups (e.g. each group has to be at least 1/3 female).


* 4. Do you have any new ideas?