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Toxic chemicals like arsenic, BPA, and phthalates have been linked to a wide range of chronic diseases and other health problems, yet most of us are exposed to hundreds of these chemicals every day -- whether through the products we use, the places we live, or the water we drink.

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* 1. How did you first become concerned with these issues?

Over 8,000 Mainers are diagnosed with cancer each year -- that’s one of the highest cancer rates in the country. At the same time, 10% of adults and 8.5% of children in Maine suffer from asthma. 1 out of every 6 Maine kids struggles with learning disabilities. And these are just a few of the issues associated with chemical exposure. Most of us have felt the impact of rising health problems in our own families and communities.

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* 2. Do you know anyone -- or have you yourself -- struggled with these, or other, health problems?

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