Registration will close on July 28th to have space evaluated and then will reopen for any last minute "late" registrations through July 31st. THERE WILL BE ZERO REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED AFTER 7/31.

Please complete this survey if you would like to add your team to NKB's online registration system. Pre-loading your team information in registration ensures your families can request your team easily during the registration process. If you are coaching more than 1 team, you must complete this survey separately for all teams!!

1.) IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT EXPECTED ROSTERS ARE PROVIDED TO ME. I cannot hold spots on a roster for returners if I don't know who they are.

2.) Pool Players WILL be added to all teams who's roster is not complete. A full roster is 12-13 players. Pool Players will be placed PRIOR to any late registering returners, so encourage your players to register by July 28th.

3.) There will be NO GROUP PAYMENTS all registrations are individual.

4.) Registration can and will close early if we reach capacity numbers.

5.)There are no team links for Fall Ball as all teams will receive Fall Ball uniform shirts. Registration is a flat fee per age group. Fall Ball is offered at a reduced price from Spring baseball.

6.) Fall Games will be played on Saturdays. The occasional Friday game is possible, but GAMES WILL BE ON SATURDAY. Please do not register to coach roster or sign up a team if you plan to request off Saturdays.

This survey is going to be used to create teams for registration, another survey regarding requesting your practice field will go out at a later date.

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* 1. Submitting your anticipated roster or returning players to NKB is very helpful when we are placing players. If you already know of players who will be playing with you, please list their names below. If you do not have this information at this time, please email your anticipated players to as it becomes available.

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* 2. Team Name?

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* 3. What is the name of your team's head coach, shirt size, and email address?

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* 4. List your assistant coaches if known and their shirt sizes

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* 7. Will you be bringing a full roster into NKB for Fall? (12-13 players). Players will be added to all teams prior to the start of the season if a roster is not "full".

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* 8. If you answered NO to question 7, how many player pool players do you anticipate needing to complete your roster?

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* 10. CheckboxesSelect the type of equipment needed. If you have equipment from a previous season please do not make a selection.