1. Letter

Cambridge, April 2009
MIT Pro Life Group

Dr. William M. Kettyle
MIT Medical

Susan Hockfield, President
Theresa Stone, Executive Vice President & Treasurer
Ms. Leslie Patton, Manager Claims and Member Services, MIT Medical

Dear Dr. Kettyle,

It has recently come to our attention that the MIT Extended Insurance Health Plan includes elective abortions in the list of covered procedures. We have a strong moral objection to sharing the cost of elective abortions and we hereby request a refund of the annual cost per individual of this coverage.

This request has been granted to students at other schools, such as Harvard, where students are able to opt-out of this coverage on an annual basis. Details of Harvard’s reimbursement (typically less than one dollar) can be found at http://www.harvardrighttolife.org/. Still other schools, such as Cornell University, exclude elective abortions from their coverage altogether.

We look forward to hearing back from you soon regarding arrangements we can make to address our ethical opposition to elective abortions.

Best Regards,

All those who signed bellow.

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