Overall Conference

Thank you for attending the 7th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress. Please take a few minutes to share your ideas about the event, which was hosted by the Association for Fire Ecology (AFE) in cooperation with the Southern Fire Exchange. Your feedback will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the conference and to plan future conferences to better meet your needs. We appreciate your time, and look forward to improving future AFE events with your suggestions.

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Overall Conference
Opening Plenary Session
Welcome Reception and Poster Session
Fire AFEx Talks
Awards Luncheon
AFE Membership Meeting
Exhibit Hall
Movie Night: Hollywood in Flames
Closing Plenary Session
Field Trips
Workshops or Trainings
Fire Circles
Special/Concurrent Sessions

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Registering for the conference was easy.
The registration fees were reasonably priced for the event.
The meeting space facilities met my expectations.
I liked the conference location (attractions area - Orlando, Florida).

* To what degree did participation in this conference help you achieve the following goals?

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Increase your understanding of fire ecology
Increase your understanding of fire management
Share your fire-related research/work with others
Gather feedback on your fire-related research/work
Network with fire ecology professionals
Gain information or skills that you can use in your fire-related work

* How likely are you to use the information provided at this conference in your future fire-related work?

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i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.