Wednesday, 8 November, 2017
University of Technology Sydney
Free for ACEN Members, $30 for non-members

What is this Incubator about?

Do you want to find out more about research in WIL? Do you have an idea for a project you want to develop, or have an established project and are seeking collaborators? Come to this forum to work through your ideas and projects in teams and be guided through the process by experienced facilitators.  You don’t need to be an ACEN member or an experienced researcher to participate. All are welcome - including those new to research and evaluation.

You might find some collaborators from other institutions to partner with you on your research;  source useful feedback on your ideas from other WIL professionals and academics, or identify others with similar projects or research interests. Possible topics to be explored include Evaluation and Impact; WIL for International Students; Industry Engagement/Sustainability; Assessment or Service Learning. Other ideas and themes are welcome.

If you have a research project you’d like to propose, discuss or develop, please use this survey to register and submit your ideas or projects. Organisers will stream participants into themes and will confirm your attendance prior to the day. 

* 1. Name and title

* 2. Your institution

* 3. Email and Phone

* 4. Academic or Professional Staff?

* 5. Research project, topics or idea title

* 6. Research theme interest

* 7. Research status

* 8. Abstract: include a paragraph on your project or idea and why it’s important (if applicable)

* 9. Research partners or funders, if any?

* 10. Aim for taking part in the day?