Community Participation in Naming the New Elementary School on Doe Run Road

As you may or may not be aware, the Manheim Central School District is in the process of constructing two new elementary school buildings.  

The first school to be built is located on Doe Run Road, in the same location of the former Doe Run Elementary School.  The second school to be built will be located on Gramby Street, in the same location of the former Middle School, currently occupied by Doe Run on Gramby. 

We are soliciting feedback from the community to begin the naming process.  Ultimately, the School Board will be responsible for naming both elementary schools, and is interested in receiving input from members of the community.
The purpose of this survey is to solicit suggestions for the naming of the new elementary school currently being constructed on Doe Run Road. 
Community suggestions will be reviewed by a committee made up of elementary school building administrators, elementary school teachers, and two representatives of the board. The committee will narrow the choices down to a few that will be presented to the full Board for a vote in January. 

Please do not submit any names that are inappropriate or offensive.

Thank you for your assistance in naming the new elementary school!

* 1. Name suggestion(s) for the Doe Run Road building: