* 1. Applicant Information:

* 2. Age:

* 3. Ethnicity:

* 4. Are you a veteran?

* 5. Which cosmetology program are you applying for?

* 6. Do you have entrance exam (e.g. Compass) scores on file?

* 7. Have you earned any hours from this or any other cosmetology school? If so, write the number of hours, location and type of school (i.e. state, private) below.

* 8. Are you able to meet the minimum legal status requirement for TDLR licensing? Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (i.e. legal citizen, work permit, or green card)

* 9. Please list any student organizations you have participated in and describe in essay form your role in each.

* 10. Please explain your reasons for applying to the Cosmetology Program. (Minimum 250 words)

* 11. Please describe a situation in which you were a member of a team. (Minimum 250 words)

* 12. Please describe how you intend to use the knowledge and skills gained in the program. (Minimum 250 words)

* 13. Please descibe any special circumstances or situations that you feel should be considered.

* 14. How did you hear about the program?

* 15. Please give an example of a difficult goal that you set and achieved for yourself.

* 16. Please explain how you plan to advance the field of cosmetology and improve the professionalism within the industry.

Important Note: Applications are scored by committee based on composition, grammar, spelling, and content.