A Short Survey for Small Business - from Emergency Plan Guide

“Business Survival” is hot news. How prepared is the business where YOU work?

Completing this survey will give you a better handle on what to expect in an emergency. And the answers will help us understand what is missing in most people’s plans and what to write about in our blog.

Thank you for taking the survey. There are only 10 questions so it will take just a minute or two.


* 1. What's your position in the company?

* 2. How many people are employed at your location?

* 3. Does your company have a current business survival plan?

* 4. Does your plan assume a 3-5 day delay before First Responders can get to you?

* 5. Does your plan include provision for . . . (check all that apply)

* 6. Do all employees know what to do in an emergency?

* 7. Does your plan include ways for employees to communicate with their families in an emergency?

* 8. How confident are you that employees will stay to help protect key business assets?

* 9. What arrangements have been made to pay employees while the business is shut down by an emergency?

* 10. What do you personally see as the MOST URGENT PROBLEM facing the company when it comes to being ready for an emergency?