1. Course Content

* 1. In the space below, rate each unit based on its relevance and importance to issues that concerned you.

  Very Important Important Somewhat Important Not Very Important Don't Remember This Unit
Service Learning 101
Poverty & Homelessness
Scholarship & Service
Education Reform
Meaning & Purpose
Inclusive Communities
Music as a Force for Social Change
Environmental Justice
Community Activism

* 2. Are there any additional social issues/problems you wish we would have looked at in greater depth?

* 3. Identify something you learned in a face-to-face session that was presented by a PSL instructor over the past year. (This could be a favorite lesson, activity, or classroom discussion).

* 4. Identify a face-to-face lesson, activity, or discussion presented by a PSL instructor that failed to make an impression or should not be repeated next year.

* 5. What did you like and/or dislike about the PSL web page? What, if anything, should we add or change on the web page to make it more useful to students?

* 6. Do you think PSL should use Google classroom instead of the weebly web page?