* 1. Have you ever been to a festival?

* 2. How many festivals have you attended?

* 3. Would you consider yourself an experienced festival goer?

* 4. Tick which items you would pack into your festival bag (unisex question, gender specific products not listed.)

* 5. Are there any other things you would suggest to pack for a festival?

* 6. What would be your ultimate item to pack, the one thing you could not survive without?

* 7. Do you have any wise words or survival tips and tricks you would pass on to any first time festival goers to ensure they have a safe and happy festival?

* 8. Are there any things you would have liked to have been told/informed about before you attended your first festival

* 9. Do you have any funny/bad festival experience stories that you would like to share in a self help audio piece entitled 'A First Timers Guide To Festivals'? If so please include a brief description of the experience. It can be light hearted, a disaster, something going wrong or just a general memory that would like to share with others.

* 10. If you answered the previous question with an experience then please consider completing the next question, if not please skip the question.

If you would like to participate in the audio section of the piece and wouldn't mind being interviewed about your experience please could you leave your contact details in the space below