1. Call for Submissions

Thank you for your interest in presenting a talk, poster, or workshop at "Encouraging Student Scholarship," a NITLE conference. To submit your session proposals, please complete and return this form no later than Friday, November 7, 2008.

This conference looks at the impact of technology on a student’s research, scholarly writing, and publication. We invite faculty members, directors and staff members of writing centers, instructional technologists, and librarians at participating colleges to submit proposals for presentations that explore how they have encouraged student scholarship. We especially seek presentations that present techniques used, as well as lessons learned (both successes and failures) in a variety of disciplines.

We also invite suggestions for other conference topics and the contributions of those who are interested in helping to plan the program, e.g., by reviewing proposals. Please use the form below; you will be given the opportunity to the type of your submission, e.g., suggested topic, planner, presentation proposal.

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