Deaf Interpreting Workshops (DIW) Participant Contract

Please answer all questions below and click on "Done." This is the second step in the registration process. The next step is to submit your payment.

* 1. What is your full name?

* 2. By registering for this training, I understand that the refund policy is that I can get a 50% refund until October 5th. Starting October 6th, there will be no refund. If I choose the payment plan option, my second payment of $225 is due on or before October 5th or my first payment amount is forfeited and your seat given to the next person on the wait list. Please initial here.

* 3. By registering for this training, I understand that my registration is not final until I receive confirmation from the trainer. Therefore, I should not make nonrefundable travel arrangements until I receive confirmation. The trainer may assist you with travel arrangements by introducing you to other participants to set up roommates to share the costs but cannot make arrangements on your behalf or make recommendations for places to stay. The training fee only covers the workshop itself, not room and board. Some meals will be covered and will be announced in advance. Please initial here.

* 4. By registering for this training, I understand that the trainer will make all efforts to reduce your registration fee by seeking more sponsors and financial support from the hearing interpreting community. If these efforts are successful, at the trainer's discretion, this may mean more meals will be covered or a partial refund of the registration fee would be issued. Please initial here.

* 5. By participating in this training, I understand and give permission for any photos and/or videos of me to be used for the purpose of future marketing efforts and instructional use for future training sessions. Please initial here.

* 6. By participating in this training, I understand that all online materials I am given access to are for my eyes only and are not to be shared with anyone outside of your training cohort. I also understand that I will be required to complete homework which may total up to approximately 40 hours in addition to the 72 hours of the face-to-face training. You will be given adequate time and not expected to do more than 10 hours per week. This homework may include watching videos online, reading PDF articles, and participating in group video discussions. Please initial here.

* 7. By participating in this training, I understand that I can take notes for my own study purposes at any time but the notes or handouts are not to be shared outside of my training cohort. Please initial here.

* 8. Please describe any dietary restrictions you may have or disability accommodation needs you may need during this training. Any requests not made here cannot be guaranteed.

* 9. By typing my full name here, I hereby agree to all of the above terms and conditions.

* 10. Please describe if you believe you fit the definition of "diversity" for which 4 seats are reserved. Examples of diversity would include people of color, immigrants, DeafBlind, LGBTQIA, etc. White women and men are not diversity. This decision will be made at trainer's discretion.