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Shipping rates are however not included (Because as on November 2018 they have been waived off)
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For example, if you know that First Flight Couriers have no service in your given area, please select some other option. Otherwise,
 the courier can get delayed, or worse off misplaced. Please note that NJF will not be held responsible if the courier service doesn't serve your area. 

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* 2. Delivery

All shipping is free for all orders now on :D 

Please choose your preferred Courier Partner. Shipping Charges extra. 

Charges are calculated at a base rate of 2kg amount shipment. Means you have to pay for 2kg shipping even if you want just one item of 200gm. But no matter what you order, up to 2 kg shipping remains unchanged. 

This pricing laid above is on "per kg," region wise, (based on the weight of entire shipment). You can wait for our team to respond to exact shipping rates which they will do within minutes of seeing your order. Or you can make an order and leave an email on sales@nipunjainfitness.com or call on +91-9899493911 to verify with them quickly.  (1-5pm, Sunday-Friday) 

Delhi Region - Rs. 50, NCR and North Indian states- Rs. 70, North East and Jammu-Kashmir- Rs. 130, Other all Indian Regions - Rs. 100 (Per kg, calculated as mentioned above)
EDIT: Surface Shipping has been discontinued entirely