1. Background information

This short section seeks general demographic and company information.

If a question does NOT apply to you, simply SKIP it and move to the next question

* 2. What is your role / title in the company?

* 3. How long have your worked with this company?

* 4. Where is this business located

* 8. How many days a week do you work at this company?

* 9. What days of the week are typically the busiest?
(Tick all that apply)

* 10. What months of the year are typically the busiest?
(Tick all that apply)

* 11. How many people are employed by the company?

* 12. If known, what is the approximate annual turnover of this business?

* 13. Under what category does this business fall?
(Select all that apply)

* 14. What primary services does the business provide?