CU FORWARD® Kindness Initiative

As essential businesses, credit unions are staying open to serve our communities and have an opportunity to give back to those most in need of support - local restaurants, non-profits, small business owners, artists. With the CU FORWARD Kindness Initiative, we invite credit unions to think beyond CU Forward as a single day. Instead, commit acts of kindness for those in our communities who might need it most during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Acts of kindness can be large or small. Whether it’s lunch, care packages, redecorating a branch with kindness sayings and warmth, or simply a social media post extending your thanks, the CU Forward movement encourages credit unions to spread kindness throughout this unique period in our history.

In the following survey, please tell us how your credit union is positively impacting your community and/or what your plans are to spread kindness during this time.