Learning Pattern

The questions below refer to the document attached that describes an e-tivity for IELTS exam preparation students developing skills and material for Speaking part 3.

* 1. Were you already familiar with Learning Patterns?

* 2. Would the e-tivity described be useful for your learners, or a group of learners you are familiar with?

* 3. Imagine you have decided to do this e-tivity with your learners and want to use this learning pattern to help you create it. How helpful is:

  not at all not very helpful a good start very helpful it has all the information I need
the explanatory text?
the diagram?

* 4. Again, imagining you are going to attempt this e-tivity with your class, what additional information would you need to help you carry it out?

* 5. Would you feel confident using this pattern to design an e-tivity to teach something else? If so, what?

* 6. Any other comments

Thank you!