For the twelfth year in a row, Oregon Department of Education, Nutrition Council of Oregon, and Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council are teaming up to reward three exemplary schools for their efforts implementing local wellness policies and creating and sustaining a culture of wellness. Each school selected will receive a $2,500 award, to be used to further nutrition and/or physical activity efforts at the school, as well as state-wide recognition with a personalized plaque and a custom banner.

Research supports the important link between health and academic achievement.  Schools that have solid wellness policies and implement practices to improve nutrition and physical activity create healthier school environments for students and staff.  Implementation of Local Wellness Policies can look different at each school and the School Wellness Award application is a great place to showcase what your school is doing!

If you do not have a board-adopted local wellness policy that reflects the July 2016  Local Wellness Policy Final Rule, please contact Jennifer Young  by email or at (503) 947-5795.
Short descriptions of previous School Wellness Award winners can be found here.