* 1. What best describes your overall NASCAR Sprint Cup Race Weekend at AMS?

* 2. Please rank how the following factors influence your decision to attend a NASCAR race at AMS:

  Not a Factor Minor Factor Somewhat of a Factor Major Factor
Date of Race
Time of Race (Night Race)
Who you attend with
Seat Location
Cost of Tickets
On Track Competition
Pre-Race Entertainment
Fan Zone (Display Area Activities)

* 3. Please rate the following as it concerns Atlanta Motor Speedway's NASCAR Sprint Cup Weekend:

  Needs Major Improvement Needs Minor Improvement Neutral (OK as is) Excellent! Don't Change a Thing N/A
Traffic Flow
Fan Zone
Will Call
AMS Souvenirs
Event Staff
Souvenir Program
Schedule of Events
Cleanliness of Facility
On Track Competition
Direction Signage
Suite Experience
Facility Accessiblity
Fan Shuttles

* 4. Complete the following: The camping experience at Atlanta Motor Speedway is _______________ :

* 5. What amenities or services have you experienced at other race tracks and/or sports venues that if implemented at AMS would positively influence you to attend a future NASCAR Sprint Cup Race at AMS?

* 6. What events have you attended at Atlanta Motor Speedway over the past two years: (choose all that apply)

* 7. Please indicate which of the following entertainment options you have taken part in on a frequent basis over the past 12 months as a spectator or participant: (check all that apply)

* 8. Please check any of the following advertising mediums that you have seen or heard promotional content concerning Atlanta Motor Speedway: (check all that apply)

* 9. What is your zip code?

* 10. Please provide any additional comments, feedback, or suggestions:

* 11. Thank you for your response! Your answers can remain anonymous by leaving the space below blank; however we'd like to thank you by offering you a $10 credit to your Atlanta Motor Speedway ticket account. To receive your credit, please provide your name, address, phone number, and email address. Only one $10 credit per household. Credit must be used for AMS tickets or camping only, and cannot be redeemed for cash. Not valid on AMS merchandise. Credit must be used by 12/31/14.