This information is collated to accurately record ALL activities which Northern Institute (NI) staff, adjuncts or students attend or present at.  The database is collated to further promote NI research through online advertising & social media plus for reporting purposes to LEBA Faculty and NI publications (Prospectus and Bi-annual Report). 

* 1. Full name?

* 2. Your affiliation with Northern Institute?

* 3. What is the name of the event/s that you are attending?  (please share website address if known)

* 4. What date/s is the event run? Day/Month/Year - Day/Month/Year

* 5. In what capacity did you attend the event?

* 6. If relevant, please provide the title & abstract of the paper you presented AND/OR the name of the panel you sat on

* 7. If relevant, please provide a URL to the paper? OR email the paper (PDF format) to thenortherninstitute@cdu.edu.au

* 8. Please provide any further relevant information here...

Thank you for providing your event information.  If you have any questions please contact Katrina Britnell via email katrina.britnell@cdu.edu.au or telephone 8946 7468.