1. Registration

NATCA in Washington will be held at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill, 400 New Jersey NW, Washington, DC on May 22-24, 2017.

Registration will close April 10, 2017. Members will be notified by their National Legislative Committee member on or before April 14, 2017, to confirm attendance. First priority will be given to Regional Committee Members, then NATCA members based on Congressional district.

The District of Columbia does not allow smoking in public areas. ALL ROOMS ARE NON-SMOKING.

Transportation expenses will NOT be reimbursed from the NATCA in Washington budget. Therefore, please check with your facrep first before registering.

* 1. Name

* 3. ****NOTE - Your Check-In/Check-Out dates should be the dates you are checking in and out of the Hyatt, regardless of when you get to, or leave, the DC area.

NATCA In Washington attendees are expected to arrive on Sunday, May 21st and depart on Wednesday afternoon, May 24th. Early arrival or late departures will be at the attendees own expense. Return flights should be scheduled late Wednesday afternoon (Flight arrangements should not be made until attendance is confirmed by your National Legislative Committee member and approved by your Local).

Hyatt Check-In Date
Hyatt Check-Out Date

* 5. Roommate requested. If you've requested a double room, and you have not specified a particular roommate, one will be assigned to you.
**** Please make sure you have coordinated with the roommate you've requested PRIOR to registering****

* 10. Email Address

* 11. Cell Phone Number
(No Dashes. Ex. 5551234567)

* 12. Mailing Address

* 13. What is your sandwich preference for lunch on Monday?

* 16. Name badges will be provided for each attendee. Please indicate the name you would like on your badge.

* 19. We will again be offering legislative classes at NATCA in Washington.  Please check (mark) the classes you are interested in attending (you may select as many as you like)

* 20. NATCA in Washington is just one part of NATCA’s legislative efforts. The Union’s best legislative work is done at home by members like you and those at your facility. There are several classes and a great deal of information available at NATCA in Washington that will enable you to take our message back to your facility and increase your local activism.  Are you interested in increasing your legislative knowledge and learning more about how you can take legislative activism back to your facility?

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