NISC Network Participants

NISC Network Participants are encouraged to complete this form to participate in national senior center work groups, NISC projects or initiatives.

* 1. What areas are you an expert at or passionate about?

Please select your Areas of Expertise or select interests that you are passionate about but are not an expert. Please only make up to five selections.

  Areas of Expertise Not an Expert but Interested
Advocacy/Public Policy
Alzheimer’s and other dementia
Conference/Event planning
Diversity (specify area in 4 choices below):
- Ethnic
- Language
- Race
Economic Security /Access to benefits
Grant writing or Administration
Health and Wellness
Human Resources/Personnel Management
Older Americans Act programs
Senior Center Research
Senior Center Standards (NISC)
State Associations
Volunteers/Civic Engagement

* 2. Tell Us More About Yourself!

In the areas that you are an expert or have a passionate interest, tell us your previous experience in this area, did you have a work or volunteer position, how many years of experience, and give an example of your experience. Begin with your most passionate expertise or interest.

* 3. Please list Evidenced Based Programs you have used at your center.

* 4. Please list best practices in programming from your senior center.

* 5. What are your personal interests or hobbies?

* 6. In what NISC Work Group are you most interested in?

Check all that apply.

* 7. Please fill in your contact information:

Thank you for completing this survey.